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Why choose Detailing Supplies Plus?

Detailing Supplies Plus is your number one car care source for auto detailing supplies. We feature the best car wax, car care products, car polishes, auto accessories, polishers and car detailing tools. We are a true car detailing resource for people who love their cars. We stock the finest waxes on the planet with plenty of extras for full-on car care.

Professional auto detailers demand professional grade car care products, which allow them to achieve professional car detailing results while saving time.

We feature the same products preferred by rolls-royce, bentley, jaguar and ferrari, the same quality of products used by the professionals in auto detailing, to the everyday do-it-yourselfer. We help our customers take care of the three main components of interior and exterior car detailing which are cleaning, correcting, and protecting.

Our detailing supplies not only help shield your factory paint from harsh weather and blistering sunlight, but they also keep your finish looking factory fresh.

Detailing Supplies Plus Goals

Detailing Supplies Plus is striving to become the world leader and the standard for detailing products cars, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, RVs and campers.

On top of our professional detailing supplies we also provide extraordinary customer support!

Take your time to browse and shop for those hard to find car detailing supplies. You'll find our website to be geared towards helping amatuer car detailers achieve professional detailing results.

Detailing Business Opportunity

With all the layoffs and company downsizing, auto detailing can be a very rewarding and profitable business opportunity. We are planning on setting up a local business referral program, to send leads and assistance for anyone interested in owning and operating your own mobile auto detailing business or car detailing business.

Car Cleaning

Car Cleaning - Tree Sap Removal

Have you ever parked under or near to a tree and run into the problem of tree sap on your cars paint finish?. Tree sap is hard to remove and if not done properly the paint finish on your car car be permanently damaged.

How you remove tree sap from your car depends on the size of the sap particles. If they are only small then you should be able to remove them with a clay bar, but if they are any larger than small specks a tar & adhesive remover product should be used.

To begin the process, the area should be thoroughly washed and dried. Then clay the area to remove the tree sap. Apply a generous coat of clay lube or detailing spray to prevent the clay from scratching or damaging the surface, then gently work the clay back and fourth over the area. You'll feel the clay removing the tree sap as you work it over the surface. Start with fine grade clay and only use a heavier grade if the sap is really stuck tight. <<Car Cleaning more...>>

Car Cleaning - How to Clean Your Cars Exterior and Interior Correctly

Did you know that it has been proven that a clean car can actually increase gas milage?

Scientists have studied the effect of a shiny car surface and found gas milage can be increased by 5-8% just by keeping it clean. Not only that, but driving at a steady speed of 60 miles per hour or less saves fuel. Keeping all the extra stuff out of the trunk also helps increase fuel efficiency.

Make sure you always use the correct manufacturers recommended fuel for you vehicle. Sometimes, the cheapest gas is not always best! <<Car Cleaning more...>>

Auto Detail

Auto Detail - American's have a love affair with our cars. When the car is new and looks its best, it makes you proud to drive down the street. Over time, the beautiful shiny car is subjected to all sorts of abuses including the sun, dirt, and smog, all of which can damage the cars finish. If you know how, you can keep your car in like new condition just like it's never been out of the garage.

Here are some tips to keep your car looking showroom new.

Avoid scratches! They are a paint surfaces number one problem.

Why start with scratches? Well, because they are the biggest enemy to your car's paint. Avoiding scratches is one of the biggest secrets to keeping your car looking new. When you are washing and drying your car, dirt and grime will act like fine sandpaper and dull your car's paint. The number one basic rule is that whenever you touch the surface of your automobile, make sure whatever comes into contact is SOFT! Once the paint is scratched, it allows the elements to reach the exposed metal. That's where rust begins to eat the metal.<<Auto Detail more...>>

Car Detail

Car detailing is doing an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and out, to keep that show-room quality look. Most people do it for personal satisfaction, but it also done to prepare a car for car shows that award owners for the immaculate appearance of their cars. In addition to improving the appearance of the car, detailing it helps to preserve the vehicle, and thus, increases it's resale value.

Detailing the exterior means cleaning the car's paint, chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires. To accomplish this detailers use specialized products, including detergents, detail clay, waxes, and polishes, and use a variety of power tools and super soft cloths. <<Car Detail more...>>

Mobile Detailing

Due to the fact that there is no "higher education" required, just a willingness to work hard in your own business, opening a mobile detailing business seems to be a popular option today. Because there is an abundance of automobiles to clean, wax and detail, there appears to be an opportunity for the hands-on type.

Auto detailing is like another trade, it requires some skill, professionalism and of course the best products and equipment. The best and safest products to use can be found here at Detailing Supplies Plus.

Industry professionals like these brands; Ardex, Hi-Tech, Tolco, Sprayway, US Products, smArnold, OneStep, Meguairs etc and others, generally you will end up picking a brand you like. Perhaps you will not like all of a companies products but pick and choose from each brand those favorite products such as; Wax, RTU Window Cleaner, Tire Dressing, Rim Cleaner, or Leather Conditioning. Try the major brands and use what you like. <<Mobile Detailing more...>>

Truck Detailing

Truck Detailing with Green Chemicals

Detailing trucks can be one of the most difficult and challenging cleaning services out there. Restoring dirty automobile surfaces back to like-new is hard, but doing the same for an 18 wheeler in much harder. Cleaning cars is easier because it's low to the ground where you can work on it. Trucks and big rigs are another story. Getting to the top of one of a big truck requires addional equipment and specialized tools. The ultimate solution to help truck detailers is using green chemicals to help do the job.

Regular detailing chemicals are formulated with harsh, abrasive chemicals and detergents that can harm both the user and the environment. Since most car and truck detailing takes place outside, it can result in chemical runoff into the environment. These cleaning chemicals can be very harmful to the health of the environment. <<Truck Detailing more...>>

Is NOW a Good Time to Start a Truck Detailing Business?

If you go out and ask anybody about starting your own business right now, they are liable to tell you you're crazy. They will probably cite a dozen reasons why is not the best time to try a new business. Haven't you heard, we are in the middle of a recession!

That is partially correct, but not entirely. Technically by economic definition, we are in an expansion period in the business cycle, coming up from the dip and starting to climb again, therefore, the recession is over. If you are careful, this might be a perfect time to start a business. <<Truck Detailing more...>>

Detailing Supplies

Detailing Supplies the Steps the Pro's Take

If you've every shopped for auto detail supplies, you know it can be a challenge because of the wide range of products available to do the job. You see name-brand, off-brand and prices all over the board. What is a car buff to do? Lets walk through the process.

Step #1 - The Wash Job

The first step in detailing any vehicle is to give it a good thorough wash job. All of the surface grime, oil and dirt have to be removed in order to achieve the best results. If the surface isn't clean, the detailing chemicals you will be using won't produce professional results.

A high-pressure washing with de-ionized water will remove all of the above contaminates as well as hard water spots. De-ionizing also removes minerals from even the hardest water and replaces it with pure water. <<Detailing Supplies more...>>

Auto Detailing Supplies

What are Auto Detailing Supplies?

A lot is said about Detailing Supplies, but just what are they? Detailing supplies are specialized chemicals, cleaners and tools used to strip off dirt and grim from vehicle finishes so that a new protective coating can be applied. People in the auto detailing business have developed these applications to meet their specific needs.

Whether you are starting a auto detailing business, or just detailing your own personal car, there are a few car detailing supplies that are needed to get the job done properly. The first step in detailing a car is give the car a basic wash, preferable with something that will strip any residual wax that the car may already have on it, that way you start your detailing from scratch.

Now it is time to start detailing, and some of the items you should have on hand are: <<Auto Detailing Supplies more...>>

Professional Detailing Supplies

Tips for the Do-It-Yourself Crowd

Experts Use Professional Detailing Supplies

Automobile detailing and reconditioning have been around in some form since the invention of the automobile. Now you will find that detailing is becoming a huge, fast growing business. It is moving out of the back alley shops and into elegant "state of the art" detail shops, car washes and into fully equipped self-contained mobile detailing units.

During it's lifetime, every car will have some type of detailing done to it. To start with, it will receive a new car prep before it is sold. Then, it will (or should) receive washing, polishing and waxing on a regular basis by its owner until the point in time when it is no longer fit to be on the road. <<Professional Detailing Supplies more...>>

Car Wash Supplies

Car wash products play an important role in the look, condition and quality of your finish. That's why Detailing Supplies Plus carries the specialized car wash supplies that are the basis of every professional detail and cleaning job.

To run a car wash business and make money, it is essential to get the right car wash supplies from the right dealers. Detailing Supplies Plus wants to be YOUR car wash suppies dealer. We carry soaps, cleaners, cleaning tools and so much more. Visit us anytime on the web.

Car wash supplies include all the accessories necessary for cleaning a car: <<Car Wash Supplies more...>>

Detail Supplies

What is Auto Detailing? It's Not Just a Carwash!

Detailing is the re-conditioning of the vehicle inside and out, to restore it to showroom condition, with only the finest professional detail supplies. Engine detailing involves cleaning the engine of dirt and grease by using professional degreasers and cleaners.

Auto detailing is using detail supplies to make your car, boat, RV or truck look like new by restoring both the paint and interior. It's so more than just a car wash; it restores and protects your investment while increasing pride of ownership and enjoyment of your vehicle. Auto detailing is very time consuming and can be expensive if you hire professionals to do the job. At Detailing Supplies Plus, we stock the detail supplies to get the job done right, and at a much lower price. <<Detail Supplies more...>>

Car Detailing Supplies - What are they?

Here is a list of the most common car detailing supplies:

Carpet Cleaner
Drying Towels
Interior Detailing Brushes
Interior Plastic Dressings
Microfiber Towels
Paste Or Liquid Wax
Shop Vacuum
Tire Dressing
Wax Applicator Pads

These items can be found at automotive specialty stores or local hometown stores that have an automotive section. The only problem with the these stores is that detailing supplies is not the ONLY business. Here at Detailing Supplies Plus, detailing supplies, chemicals and tools are all we sell. Our staff can guide you in getting your car in like-new condition fast, and at the lowest price. <<Car Detailing Supplies more...>>

Detailing Supply for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Professional detailers job is maintaining a vehicle's finish. A skilled detailer will know various methods for enhancing finish properties and protection enhancement and method's of application of the compounds they are using.

One of the major advantages of shopping at Detailing Supplies Plus is that we help you in selecting the right products for the job. So if you don't know which products to buy, it's good to know us.

Professional detailer's are skilled in the application of the products they get at the detailing supply store. We not only can help you choose the right product for the job, but can also guide you in doing the job too.

Most people, if not all, will form opinions and habits about the products and methods they use without doing research on what else is available and whether what they are already using really is the best or are they just getting a good deal on their supplies. When it comes to detailing supply products, we know our stuff. <<Detailing Supply more...>>

Auto Car Care

5 Useful Tips for Auto Car Care

Taking good care of your car is always a good idea. Your car run betterwith regular maintenance, and it will hold a higher resale value if you keep it looking sharp.

Auto Care Care Tip #1 - Starting With The Exterior

Your car should be washed and waxed on a regular basis. But what's the best products to use to wash your car? Some people think that any household cleaner will do to wash cars, but this is not true. Using dish soap to wash your car will remove all wax from your car finish. Dish soap is made to remove animal fat from dishes, so it does a really good at disolving that fresh coat of wax that you worked so hard to apply last week. For professional results, choose a quality car wash. These washes are more a detergent than a soap, and will do a lot less damage to your wax coating. <<Auto Car Care more...>>

Pro Detailing Supplies

Tips for the Do-It-Yoursel Crowd

Maintaining a vehicles exterior luster and interior sheen are always critical to the car buff. If you see that your cars finish has faded because rain and other pollutants, you better head to the nearest store or go to Detailing Supplies Plus to buy some auto detailing supplies. If you hire a professional at a detailing shop it's going to cost you an arm and a leg. If you just follow these 3 basic steps when you shop for auto detailing supplies, you'll end up with a professionally done job at a lot less cost. <<Pro Detailing Supplies more...>>

Wholesale Detailing Supplies

Auto detailing is an cleaning system that demands skill, patience, the best auto detailing supplies on the market as well as plenty of money and time for the endeavor. But it draws you in, doesn't it? It lures you in for hours at a time, safely away from any nagging or troubles, detailing away on that beater or that classic huddled in your garage. You're hooked.

We carry all of the wholesale detailing supplies you could ever want or need. Auto detailing is a very popular hobby and profession for many car buffs. Detailing Supplies Plus also deals in bulk detailing supplies for the professional or the serious hobbyist.<<Wholesale Detailing Supplies more...>>

Boat Detailing Supplies

Do you love boats? Do you wish you could spend more time at the marina? Are you a nautical person? That if so have you ever considered starting a boat detailing and cleaning business? You can make a lot more money detailing boats than you can detailing cars and there is also a lot was competition in the industry, but you must know what you're doing. You need to know how to deal with gel coats, wood decks and you must be up on your marina vocabulary so you do not look like a moron.

Boat detailing is a great business for those that live in a coastal city or near a large lake. Since were talking about a boat cleaning and detailing business, it helps to live where there are many boats. The boat detailing business can be quite lucrative, but it's hard work. Most people in the boat detailing industry do not mind a hard work because they love boats so much. If you love boats and have considered a business of your own perhaps the boat detailing business may be right for you. You'll of course need to get some training, and of course the professional grade boat detailing supplies to do the job right. <<Boat Detailing Supplies more...>>

Aircraft Detailing Supplies

Aircraft Detailing Business Opportunity

Aircraft and airplane detailing is a rare business opportunity for those willing to put the extra time and promotion into it. Just switching from auto and truck detailing and saying you also do aircraft usually doesn't work very well. Everyone owns a car or truck, but only the higher earners in our society own airplanes. Marketing to this crowd is more difficult than the car and truck enthusiasts.

Finding customers isn't necessarily more difficult, it's just different. You have to be much more creative and aggressive in finding them. There are simple things you can do to increase the number of people who learn about your service. Most of the things you need to do are found in most sales and marketing books. You need to be much more focused on "networking" like the sales books say. A successful aircraft detailer would look a lot like a successful political candidate. You need to be in the right places "pressing the flesh" (shaking hands, kissing the babies and asking people for their vote). <<Aircraft Detailing more...>>

RV Detailing

Making Money Detailing and Cleaning RVs

RV detailing is another one of those specialized areas within the detailing trade that most people shy away from. It is basically that same process as any other detailing job, only larger in size and more awkward to do properly. The RV detailer must have not only the professional grade RV detailing supplies, like those sold here at Detailing Supplies Plus, but the proper tools to allow them to do the job efficiently. Due to the larger scale size of the vehicle, ladders or scaffolding, additional cords and hoses are needed as well.

RV Detailing "3 R's Cycle" (Receive, Recondition and Resale)

The bulk of your potential RV detailing customers will be the dealerships that sell them. Every one of them is looking to complete the industry known as the "3 R's Cycle" (Receive, Recondition and Resale). The faster a dealer takes a trade-in, reconditions it and gets it resold, generally the higher their profit margin. <<RV Detailing more...>>

Car Care Products

Car care products play an important role in the look, condition and quality of your finish. That's why Detailing Supplies Plus carries the specialized car care products that are the basis of every professional detail and cleaning job.

To run a car care business and make money, it is essential to get the right car care supplies from the right dealers. Detailing Supplies Plus wants to be YOUR car care products dealer. We carry soaps, cleaners, cleaning tools and so much more. Visit us anytime on the web. <<Car Care Products more...>>

Auto Detailing Supplies

Detailing Supplies Plus

Detailing Supplies Plus is committed to providing the finest professional grade products to the average car buff. Give us a try...we will BOTH be glad you did!

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