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Auto Detailing Supplies

Auto Detailing Supplies

Detailing Supplies Plus is working hard to be the number one car care source for auto detailing supplies. We feature the best car wax, car care products, car polishes, auto accessories, polishers and car detailing tools. We are a true auto detailing supplies resource for people who love their cars. We stock the finest waxes on the planet with plenty of extras for full-on car care.

We sell our quality products to folks in most areas. No matter where you live, we want to be your auto detailing supplies and car care products dealer.

What are Auto Detailing Supplies?

A lot is said about Detailing Supplies, but just what are they? Detailing supplies are specialized chemicals, cleaners and tools used to strip off dirt and grim from vehicle finishes so that a new protective coating can be applied. People in the auto detailing business have developed these applications to meet their specific needs.

Whether you are starting a auto detailing business, or just detailing your own personal car, there are a few car detailing supplies that are needed to get the job done properly. The first step in detailing a car is give the car a basic wash, preferable with something that will strip any residual wax that the car may already have on it, that way you start your detailing from scratch.

Now it is time to start detailing, and some of the items you should have on hand are:

-sponges -microfiber towels -A good paste or liquid wax -wax applicator pads -drying towels -detailing brushes for the interior -carpet cleaner -shop vacuum -interior plastic dressings -tire dressing

These items can be found at automotive specialty stores or local hometown stores that have an automotive section. The only problem with the these stores if that detailing supplies is not the ONLY business. Here at Detailing Supplies Plus, detailing supplies, chemicals and tools are all we sell. Our staff can guide you in getting your car in like-new condition fast, and at the lowest price.

There are lots of products available to make auto detailing easier as well as to give a better shine. Liquid waxes now are "synthetic wax", which is easier to remove and gives a deeper shine. Manufacturer's recommend a good coating of wax should be applied at least twice a year, one before summer and once before winter. They recommend it even more often in severe climates.

Microfiber towels have replaced the old standby cotten towels. They are said to not leave scratches on painted surfaces. They now make wax applicator pads in both cotton and microfiber styles. Cotton or microfiber drying towels are used to thoroughly dry the car before applying any wax. Keep these towels separated from the household laundry. These towels should be washed separately from household towels and used exclusively for automotive use.

Typical detailing chemicals are made of harsh, abrasive chemicals and soaps that can harm both the user and the environment. Since most auto detailing takes place outside, it can result in chemical runoff into the environment. These cleaning solvents can be harmful to the environment.

Green chemicals, on the other hand, allow detailers to achieve the same results without harming the detailer, the environment, or the cars finish. Most green chemicals are made with plant-based, food-grade ingredients that are toxin-free, chlorine-free, non-corrosive and non-caustic. Making them safe for people, plants, and animals. Cleaning up accidental spills or the user coming into contact with the green chemicals is as simple as flushing the area with water.

Green chemicals safe for the user and they're biodegradable. That makes them safe for virtually all areas. Rinsing green chemicals off the vehicle without fear of harming the environment is a big plus. The detailing formulas are designed for use with high-pressure washers.

You might be wondering how green chemicals can be as effective as the harsher but powerful chemicals on the market. They work as well as the old-fashioned kind. Green chemicals are designed to penetrate the molecules of grease, mud, dirt, soil, and other residues to break up the carbon bonds holding the molecules together. This chemical action breaks the dirt and grease molecules into billions of tiny particles diluted in water; forcing them to rinse cleanly off the vehicles surfaces.

Green chemicals have been designed for use in truck and car washes, wheel surface cleaning, engine cleaners, glass cleaners, windshield washes, bug removers and more. Green chemicals help protect the detailer and the environment at the same time. With green chemicals you can't go wrong.

It works best to wax and detail a car in a shaded area, with a garage being the ideal place. Working indoors will prevent unwanted contaminants such as dust from settling on the car while you are working on it.

Shop vac's are typically used for cleaning the interior of vehicles. They are workhorse tools that rarely clog up while sucking up large particles inside the car.

There are lots of auto detailing supplies on the market and it is best to try them out to find the right combination of price and quality for your liking. Shopping online at Detailing Supplies Plus is a smart AND convenient way to get the highest quality products and the lowest price.

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Auto Detailing Supplies

Detailing Supplies Plus is committed to providing the finest professional grade auto detailing supplies products to the average car buff in. Give us a try...we will BOTH be glad you did!
Auto Detailing Supplies