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Car Cleaning Supplies

Car Cleaning Supplies

Detailing Supplies Plus is working hard to be the number one car care source for car cleaning supplies in. We feature the best car wax, car care products, car polishes, auto accessories, polishers and car detailing tools. We are a true car detailing resource for people who love their cars. We stock the finest waxes on the planet with plenty of extras for full-on car care.

We sell our quality products to folks in most areas. No matter where you live, we want to be your car cleaning and car care products dealer.

Car Cleaning - Tree Sap Removal

Have you ever parked under or near to a tree and run into the problem of tree sap on your cars paint finish?. Tree sap is hard to remove and if not done properly the paint finish on your car car be permanently damaged.

How you remove tree sap from your car depends on the size of the sap particles. If they are only small then you should be able to remove them with a clay bar, but if they are any larger than small specks a tar & adhesive remover product should be used.

To begin the process, the area should be thoroughly washed and dried. Then clay the area to remove the tree sap. Apply a generous coat of clay lube or detailing spray to prevent the clay from scratching or damaging the surface, then gently work the clay back and fourth over the area. You'll feel the clay removing the tree sap as you work it over the surface. Start with fine grade clay and only use a heavier grade if the sap is really stuck tight.

For larger tree sap covered areas, again thoroughly wash and dry to remove any other loose stuff from the surrounding area. Apply the tar & adhesive remover to a micro fibre towel and gently rub it into the tree sap. You might have to let the cleaner soak for a while in order for it to dissolve the tree sap. Always work in a shaded area to avoid having any cleaner residue to dry on the surface. Repeat the process if necessary until the sap has been completely removed.

Once the tree sap is removed, the area should be rewashed, rinsed and dried. If there are remaining stains, use an all in one polish can be used to remove them. After the area is completely clean, apply a high quality carnauba based wax or a synthetic sealant to protect the paint from future damage.

Car Cleaning - How to Clean Your Cars Exterior and Interior Correctly

Did you know that it has been proven that a clean car can actually increase gas milage?

Scientists have studied the effect of a shiny car surface and found gas milage can be increased by 5-8% just by keeping it clean. Not only that, but driving at a steady speed of 60 miles per hour or less saves fuel. Keeping all the extra stuff out of the trunk also helps increase fuel efficiency.

Make sure you always use the correct manufacturers recommended fuel for you vehicle. Sometimes, the cheapest gas is not always best!

Proper maintenance and care are essential to long term performance of a vehicle. Let's look a few ways of how you can keep the exterior of your car shiny:

The first thing to do is rinse the dirt and dust off your car. Now use a sponge and soap it up well. Wash it and hose off the soap from the body next and clean the car. Dry it off with a soft, clean cloth. If you leave wet spots and water droplets on the body of the car, those will gather dust and you will leave spots when it dries.

Monthly, use a mild cleaner to remove bugs and dirt from the finish of the car. These generally polish the surface of the car at the same time and are available at Detailing Supplies Plus.

Next is polishing the car. Using a good wax and wax your car once every two months. You might be tempted to just drive through a car wash and get all of these done, but there is nothing better than personal care and attention.

Cleaning and coating your tires is a must. Use tire cleaning products to stop building up of dust and give your car that "professionally cleaned" look.

Don't forget to clean the vinyl, wood work if any or plastic and rubber on the dash.

Once, you have the outside impressing your neighbor's, don't forget to spit shine the interior of your car to impress your passengers!

Seat covers can be used to protect the original seats of the car. They're easy to take off and clean. Vacuum your car seats, then clean the seat covers, dry them and put them back on the seats.

Clean the windows with proper cleaners, the dashboard and other attachments carefully using soft cleansers.

Vacuum the carpet and use rubber mats to keep dust off from getting under the carpet.

Simple, car cleaning ideas to maintain the look of your car all by yourself. Also, parking your car in your garage will protect the car and keep that extra dust off the body!

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Detailing Supplies Plus is committed to providing the finest professional grade car cleaning products to the average car buff in. Give us a try...we will BOTH be glad you did!
Car Cleaning Supplies