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Professional Detailing Supplies

Professional Detailing Supplies

Detailing Supplies Plus is working hard to be the number one car care source and professional detailing supplies. We feature the best car wax, car care products, car polishes, auto accessories, polishers and car detailing tools. We are a true professional detailing supplies resource for people who love their cars. We stock the finest waxes on the planet with plenty of extras for full-on car care.

We sell our quality products to folks in most areas. No matter where you live, we want to be your professional detailing supplies and car care products dealer.

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Experts Use Professional Detailing Supplies

Automobile detailing and reconditioning have been around in some form since the invention of the automobile. Now you will find that detailing is becoming a huge, fast growing business. It is moving out of the back alley shops and into elegant "state of the art" detail shops, car washes and into fully equipped self-contained mobile detailing units.

During it's lifetime, every car will have some type of detailing done to it. To start with, it will receive a new car prep before it is sold. Then, it will (or should) receive washing, polishing and waxing on a regular basis by its owner until the point in time when it is no longer fit to be on the road.

Money spent on auto detailing is a good investment. Not only will you take more pride in your well maintained auto, but you will also get a higher trade-in dollar when it is time to sell it. Most used car dealers use detailing and reconditioning to enhance the value of their vehicles. In so doing, the end result will be higher selling prices on those vehicles and, in addition, they will become faster selling units.

Remember, the price you can get for a vehicle is based almost entirely on the appearance of the vehicle. Obviously, it makes good business sense to spend $75 - $100 on a detailing job so that you can profit an additional $500 - $1,000 on a sale.

The detailing of an automobile will include the cleaning and/or compounding, polishing and waxing of each section of the automobile. This will include the engine, trunk, interior and exterior.

The reconditioning of an automobile will usually include such things as:

Body Work
Tune-up Work
New Tires
Glass Replacement
Repair Seats
Carpets/Upholstery Cleaning

Detailing is a step by step process of restoring the vehicle's appearance as close to it's original factory appearance as possible using professional detailing supplies. Professional detailing is a thorough procedure and it cannot be rushed. So, be prepared to work at it. Always remember that it is your personal pride that will show up as the end result.

The market is growing larger ever year for both new and used vehicles. If it is your desire to become part of this fast growing business, you must take a look at each step of the detailing process.

The process of detailing down into four (4) sections, which are:

1. The Engine
2. The Interior
3. The Trunk
4. The Exterior

If you would like a copy of our Professional Detailing Supplies guide that explains the entire procedure, click here to download the report.

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Professional Detailing Supplies

Detailing Supplies Plus is committed to providing the finest professional grade professional detailing supplies products to the average car buff in. Give us a try...we will BOTH be glad you did!
Professional Detailing Supplies