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Truck Detailing

Truck Detailing

Detailing Supplies Plus is working hard to be the number one car care source for truck detailing supplies. We feature the best car wax, car care products, car polishes, auto accessories, polishers and car detailing tools. We are a true truck detailing resource for people who love their cars. We stock the finest waxes on the planet with plenty of extras for full-on car care.

We sell our quality products to folks in most areas. No matter where you live, we want to be your truck detailing and car care products dealer.

Truck Detailing with Detailing Supplies Plus Products

Truck Detailing with Green Chemicals

Detailing trucks can be one of the most difficult and challenging cleaning services out there. Restoring dirty automobile surfaces back to like-new is hard, but doing the same for an 18 wheeler in much harder. Cleaning cars is easier because it's low to the ground where you can work on it. Trucks and big rigs are another story. Getting to the top of one of a big truck requires addional equipment and specialized tools. The ultimate solution to help truck detailers is using green chemicals to help do the job.

Regular detailing chemicals are formulated with harsh, abrasive chemicals and detergents that can harm both the user and the environment. Since most car and truck detailing takes place outside, it can result in chemical runoff into the environment. These cleaning chemicals can be very harmful to the health of the environment.

Green chemicals, on the other hand, allow auto and truck detailers to achieve the same results without the risk of harming the detailer, the environment, or the truck. Most green chemicals are formulated with plant-based, food-grade ingredientsthat are toxin-free, chlorine-free, non-corrosive and non-caustic. Making them safe for people, plants, and animals. Cleaning up accidental spills or the user coming into contact with the green chemicals is as simple as flushing the area with water.

Green chemicals safe for the truck detailer and their biodegradable. That makes them safe for virtually all environments. When washing trucks, rinsing green chemicals off the vehicle without fear of harming the environment is a huge plus. The truck wash formulas are designed for use with high-pressure washers.

Some auto and truck detailers may wonder how green chemicals can be as effective as the harsher but powerful chemicals on the market. Green chemicals are designed to penetrate the molecules of grease, mud, dirt, soil, and other residues to break up the carbon bonds holding the molecules together. This chemical action breaks the dirt and grease molecules into billions of tiny particles diluted in water; forcing them to rinse cleanly off the vehicles surfaces.

Green chemicals can be found in a wide variety of formulations, including: truck and car washes, wheel surface cleaning, engine cleaners, glass cleaners, windshield washes, bug removers and more.

Green chemicals help protect the detailer and the environment at the same time. With green chemicals you can't go wrong.

Truck Detailing Business Opportunities

Ever thought you might like to get into the truck detailing business? Most people don't think about detailing trucks like you detail cars, but it's a very lucrative business.

Due to the size and shape of the vehicle, truck detailing is not for the faint of heart. But you know that there are a lot of big rigs on the road and somebody is going to be cleaning them. It might as well be you.

Basically, there are two types of truck detailing customers for a truck detailing business; there's the long haul independent trucker and there's the new and used truck sales lot wholesale detailing customer.

The independent trucker is a dying breed however, they have a hard time spending money having their aluminum fuel tanks polished and the chrome shined when they can't hardly break even after paying the fuel costs and expenses. The new and used truck sales lot is much different. They are always going to need to have their vehicles cleaned to impress their potential buyers. If you can do the job for a low price, they will send you a ton of work. They need those trucks looking good to put on their truck sales lot so they sell fast. You could end up detailing three to six trucks a day for a high-volume truck dealer.

The high-volume truck dealer will want the interiors cleaned, the chassis degreased, the paint to look brand-new and the aluminum and chrome to shine like new money. At $500-$600 per truck, can you see why the truck detailing business can be so profitable. But be forewarned, truck detailing is not an easy business. It is HARD WORK! Nevertheless a truck detailing business makes the top 10 list of small businesses available today.

Is NOW a Good Time to Start a Truck Detailing Business?

If you go out and ask anybody about starting your own business right now, they are liable to tell you you're crazy. They will probably cite a dozen reasons why is not the best time to try a new business. Haven't you heard, we are in the middle of a recession!

That is partially correct, but not entirely. Technically by economic definition, we are in an expansion period in the business cycle, coming up from the dip and starting to climb again, therefore, the recession is over. If you are careful, this might be a perfect time to start a business.

Service type companies generally do better than other companies during recessions, and they're the first to recover when business picks back up. The trucking industry was very hard hit during this last recession. Many independent truckers and the smaller trucking companies died, and their trucks were sold at auctions or wholesale truck sale yards. Now trucking is starting to pick up again. A lot of those used trucks, that were auctioned off, will be put back on the road. And with the new environmental laws on CO2 emissions, many older trucks will junked because their engines put out too much polution.

Trucking companies will be forced to upgrade and buy new trucks. So starting a truck detailing business as the recession grinds to a halt might be a great idea. Business from truck dealers selling new trucks to the trucking companies should be on the rise as they are now expanding into the increasing market, and upsizing their fleets.

Detailing used trucks, and trucks from independent truckers should increase over the coming years. There should be lots of detailing business as the economy continues to recover in 2010.


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Truck Detailing

Detailing Supplies Plus is committed to providing the finest professional grade truck detailing products to the average car buff in. Give us a try...we will BOTH be glad you did!
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